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Welcome to our blog


Welcome to our blog.  We hope you enjoy following our Million Makers journey.  Our mission is to harness the enthusiasm, energy and entrepreneurial potential of our Million Makers team to raise money for The Prince’s Trust which will be used to help young reach their own positive destination.


This blog will be updated as often as possible as we plan, organise, fundraise and generally come up with witty and interesting content.

By b2oodt, Jun 28 2017 09:28AM

The Prince's Trust Million Makers Corporate Challenge has officially begun!

The Million Makers Corporate Challenge: Six months, £1,500 seed funding, £10,000 target.

The Aviator team gathered in London to kick-start this years Million Makers Corporate Challenge. The event consisted of fun ice-breakers and a reminder of the seriousness of what amzing work The Prince's Trust does for young people.

The first ice breaker was a game of Human Bingo which was an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of people in a short space of time and learn some interesting facts about each other. Secondly we had to mime out our first ever job and try to group ourselves with people in similar trades or industry's. The less said about that activity the better - but it was very funny.

We also had an opportunity to rehearse a 30 second elevator pitch which explained what exactly The Prince's Trust is all about.

The launch event provided an excellent opportunity to see what The Prince's Trust is all about. One of our biggest takeaways was that it costs £1,000 to work with each individual to get them to their positive destination. At a national level, this year’s Million Makers challenge can help over 1,000 young people!

We are looking forward to turning some of our ideas into action and ultimately raising as much money as possible to help fund the fantastic work The Prince’s Trust does with young people across the UK.

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