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#MillionMakers - Raising money for The Prince's Trust



Six months, £1,500 seed funding, £10,000 target

In it to win it!

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The Million Makers Challenge sees teams from various companies try to turn an initial investment of £1,500 into £10,000 in six months, with all proceeds going to The Prince’s Trust. The Challenge requires teams to put together a business proposal, make a Dragons-Den style pitch to secure funding, and finally run their own mini enterprise over the next six months. Teams will compete against each other with the aim of generating the most profit for The Princes Trust.


Our company has decided to put forward a team to enter this year’s Challenge. We have twelve intrepid volunteers representing a diverse cross section of our business.


The team will be supported by a Senior Manager who will act as a mentor and we are sure we will be supported by our collegue's up and down the country as well as our family and friends.

Six Months, £1,500 seed funding, 

£10,000 target


become part of our solution

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The Challenge formally started in May at a launch day held by the Prince’s Trust, however in the weeks prior we kept ourselves busy! We have put together this website, created a social media prescence, held our first team meeting and have had some great ideas for our fundraising activities.


Why have we voluntered for this challenge?  Some of us have experience with fundraising and a lot us enjoy the popular TV programmes Dragons Den and the Apprentice.  We are really excited about what the next few months will bring and unlike the Apprentice we hope it doesn't result in us getting fired.


This challenge will also provide us with a valuable chance to practice important business and entrepreneurial skills. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to work with senior people within our company, and help expand our network of contacts internally and externally.

Most importantly, we all agree that the work the Prince’s Trust does is invaluable – this Challenge provides a unique opportunity to contribute to such a great cause. At the launch day we got the chance to meet some of the people who have benefitted from the Trust’s work.


Last year, Atos were crowned the National Million Makers Champion for raising an astonishing £210,111 for the Prince’s Trust. If you have any big ideas about how we could raise this kind of money, we would love to hear from you.


Even if you ar not in our core team you can still get involved.  Perhaps you can run your own event to help us achieve our target?  


We’ll be posting updates about our experiences during the Challenge as we go along, so keep a look out for more posts from us!


If you are on Facebook or Twitter then we would love for you to follow our progress.

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